Good Life Journal - Hebrews 2


Hebrews 2:6 "... What is man that you are mindful of him, or the son of man, that you care for him?"
2:8 "... Now in putting everything in subjection to him, He (God) left nothing outside his control."
2:15 He (God) delivered all those who through fear of death were subjects to lifelong slavery."


God is in control of everything. And if the Hebrews are to believe that God is, indeed, above and in control of everything, then they must believe He is in control of their deliverance from the slavery of death, as well.
In other words, God is in control of their very salvation.
And he has done this because of cares for them.


"Nothing is out of His control" ... This sounds like something said about a dictator.
It also something hard to believe when I watch the news for 5 minutes, ... especially in the context of "He cares for me".
But what is the greater deliverance?
A deliverance from the chaos of a 24 hour news cycle, or the deliverance from death?
I must remember that even when the world seems to be spinning out of control, that, frankly, it's no difference today than it ever has been.
Of course the world seems chaotic. Precisely because God is not a dictator.
My hope is not in this world, but in my Deliverer.
Because He cares for me.
And when I feel like I'm in control, it's an illusion.
And when all the world seems out of control, that, too, is an illusion.
There's a greater story unfolding. And God IS in control.
A Salvation Story that I'm eternally grateful to be in.
This I can rest in and put my hope and confidence in.
I am saved from death ... solely because of God .... who cares for me!


Thank you, God, for my salvation.
Let me never take for granted.
Help me have the heart for others that you do.
Holy Spirit give me words to share with those that need to hear God care for them and delivers them.
In Jesus name.