Good Life Journal - John 16


John 16:2-3 "the hour is coming when whoever kills you will think he is offering service to God. And they will do these things because they have not known the Father, nor me."


Jesus is telling his apostles some difficult truths.
He will not always be with them, but He wants them to stand strong in faith in Him.
Jesus gives his apostles stern warnings that the world will be against what they say and do.
What's more is, the people who are against them will think they are doing a good thing.
But they do not have to be worried about the world, because they know Jesus.


I see in Jesus' warning to his apostles a very stark warning to me and other "religious" people.
What ever I do, I can easily put the label "offering service to God" on it and feel good about myself.
I can have my agenda, my priority, my want, my desire ... I can put all of my efforts into pursuing my dream and feel good about myself by saying, "I'm serving God"!
Wasn't this the very problem of Paul (or Saul)?!
He, in fact, did exactly what Jesus is warning against here.
He killed people to maintain his own power and religious agenda while claiming he was doing it "for God"!
Where am I actually serving self, but calling it "serving God"?
I am called to do just one thing with my "self"… Die to it!
But I will never do this if I prioritize anything over "knowing God".
And I will not know God without knowing Jesus.
I must constantly fix my eyes on Jesus.
If I am focused on Jesus, then I will be free to truly serve God.
I must always keep this priority list:
1. Know God
2. Serve God
Anything else will lead to this:
1. Serve self


Father thank you again for your truth.
Thank you for Jesus showing us the way and declaring the way.
Holy Spirit remind me every day to rely on you.
Help me know you more deeply and keep my eyes focused on you.
Help me to never serve self and call it serving God.
In Jesus name, Amen.