v20 – As for the mystery of the seven stars that you saw in my right hand, and the seven golden lampstands, the seven stars are the angels of the seven churches, and the seven lampstands are the seven churches.


Revelation is not a chapter that is full of happy rainbows. It is a chapter that describes much suffering, destruction and death. But John is directed to write these things down because they must take place.

When the Bible is addressing a church, it is usually addressing the believers in that city. The collective body. A church is defined by people. Therefore, I am part of a church. If the church is represented by a lamp stand, I am supposed to be part of the lamp stand.

The purpose of a lamp stand is to be seen. Lamp stands are meant as a vessel to shine light. Lamp stands are for guidance. Lamp stands help people navigate the darkness that is around them so they won’t stumble. Lamp stands are meant to be set in a place that can be seen. They are not hidden. You can see the light of a lamp stand from far away.

People are attracted to the light. Even a small light can be seen in darkness

Even if someone is not going to the light, they are given direction by the light. The closer they are to the light, the more influence or direction the light can provide.

The lampstands in Revelation are pointing to Jesus. They are surrounding Him as He is the center of the church.


First, I should put Jesus as the center of my life. Everything I do should revolve around the way He wants me to live my life and reflect His light.

Second, I should be living my life as an example to others. As a Christian, I am to be a light among the world’s darkness. I am to stand out and stand up as a proud Christian. How much light I reflect is in direct proportion to how I live my life according to Gods will. How much light I reflect determines how much guidance and direction I provide to others or. In essence, how effective I am as a lamp stand.

To be an effective provider of His light, my actions must match my words. I must continually study the word and learn from other Christians. I must examine my heart and recognize areas that cause me to stumble and not reflect His light. I must turn away from sin and the temptation that causes me to sin.


Father help me to examine my life and understand the areas of my life that prevent me from reflecting your life and shining your light as bright as I am able. Give me the wisdom and guidance and strength to be a Christian lamp stand in this world.