“But I, brothers, could not address you as spiritual people but as people of the flesh—as infants in Christ.  I fed you with milk (not solid food) for you were not ready for it. 

And even now you are not yet ready for you are still of the flesh… (1 Cor 3:1-2) 


I am constantly noticing that almost all of the Epistles (especially from Paul) addresses in some way growing (not accumulating) Christians. 


I think God has intentionally structured the Scriptures so that I shouldn’t be able to say “I got this.”

I mean, really, have I ever come across a verse that I could say “This doesn’t apply to me in any way, shape or form?”  Maybe the ones including the Enemy—but could I be exhibiting or (gasp) treasuring a similar attitude as the Enemy?  Makes me think…

Staying the above subject for just a second more: It is beneficial to understand what makes Lucifer so evil is the fact that he thinks he is just as good as God, in essence: A traitor.  That is what is the genesis of evil is in Man—“I am INDEPENDENT, not obligated to or to be obedient to God, I exercise my choice to do what I will and not reflect or pay attention to the One who has my life in His hands.”  That attitude got Adam and Eve kicked out of Eden and will subject countless millions to encounter God’s Wrath towards Sin. 

I have to look at the Milk reference and think: “Am I ready for more than milk?”  My pride says “Yes I am, pass me over some of that steak, the rarer the better.  The facts are that there are days that I have an appetite for more than milk and other days not.  

The process (I have to remind myself) is called “Progressive Sanctification” for a reason: it is progressive, doesn’t happen all at once; there is a lifetime of becoming a Disciple.  Progression is a process, a change from one point of being to another (if I am talking about the Man in the Mirror).

I don’t want to be a milk drinker all my life.  I just don’t.  Good food is not just good because it isn’t milk, good food, strong food is meant to build a body up; need good food to exercise, to build critical thinking skills, to be able to converse about the Majesty of God and His Gospel, etc., etc.

Point is that no matter what stage where my walk in Jesus is I can read 1 Cor 3:1-2 and cringe—for I instantly recognize those places where I am an infant, clutching my sippy cup with all my meager strength.


Father, help me not to disparage or to ignore the value of milk.  I ask that You keep me dissatisfied with ONLY milk.  I don’t want to go after strange things and to places in the Bible that are good for nothing.  There is so so much in the stuff You DO want me in that it would be a multiple of lifetimes to explore.  AMEN.