John 3:1-3,8-9,12,17-18,21
Vs 1 – “There was a man of the Pharisees named Nicodemas, a ruler of the Jews.”
Vs 2 – “This man came to Jesus by night ….”
Vs 3 – “Nicodemas questioned Him …
Vs 8 – Jesus answered …
Vs 9 Nicodemas questioned Him …
Vs 12 Jesus answered ….
Vs 17 “For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.”
Vs 18 “And this is condemnation, that the light came into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light…”
Vs 21 “But he who loves truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be clearly seen, that they have been done in God.”


Nicodemas had questions for Jesus.
Jesus had answers for Nicodemas.
Nicodemas thought he had all the answers.
He was “a ruler”.
So, he went to Jesus “by night”.
Jesus had more than answers to questions, though.
Jesus had revelation … illumination.
Jesus spoke in terms of New Birth & Truth & Light.
Jesus also understood man’s motivation.
Man is more interested in condemnation than salvation.
… So long as they are the ones doing the condemning.
Otherwise, Nicodemas would have gone to Jesus “by day”, not “by night”.
Nicodemas didn’t want his actions to be “clearly seen”.
God’s desire, though, is salvation. “… that the world through Him would be saved…”


Do I have more questions for God or faith in God?
When it comes to God, what do I want more?
Full understanding of Him, or loving relationship with Him?
I used to have this running list of questions I wanted to “understand” about God…
“How’d the whole ark thing go down?”
“What was up with Jonah & the whale?”
Those are just a couple.
But the more I saw people in God’s Word who had encountered God Himself, it seems questions to Him were the last thing on their mind.
People who encountered God we’re face down on the ground in utter awe of the living God!
Now I care more about the “sign of Jonah” than the “story of Jonah”.
Now I try not to “lean on my own understanding”.
It also seems that the more I encounter people today that have questions for God, they often aren’t looking for Truth & Light.
They’re looking for justification of they’re own belief.
And rationalization of their own life.
It’s seems questions of God can be a way of “condemning” Him, not “saving” Him!
If my questions of God aren’t somehow satisfactorily answers, then He’s gone from my life.
As if this is possible!
It reminds me of the 6 year old that “runs away from home”.
… “I can’t eat the whole bag of candy?!”
… “Fine! I’m outta here!”…
All the while, the parent watches from the door as the child walks down the street thinking he’s really “the boss” … “the ruler”.
The child thinks he’s condemned the parent.
The parent wants the child safe.
My Heavenly Father also desires my salvation,
even when I think I understand more than Him.


God thank you that you are the God of Truth, and Light, and revelation.
But thank you even more so that you are the God of Salvation!
God, when I’m tempted to come to you “by night” with thoughts of self righteousness or thinking I’m “the ruler”,
forgive me.
Thank you that you know all and give me peace when I don’t understand your ways.
Help me to love your light and give me the desire to be “clearly seen” … “In God”.

-Dan Shontere