1 Cor 10:6-Now these things occurred as examples to keep us from setting our hearts on evil things as they did.   




We can all learn from past behavior even if it is not ours. It was true back then and it is still true today. Paul was speaking to the Corinthians. He gave them examples of how actions by God’s people lead to sin and, ultimately, destruction and death. He shared examples of behaviors that had occurred in the past as a warning to the Corinthians and to us.  Twice Paul stated “these things happened as examples” to keep us from behaving in the same manner and experiencing the same end result.




In the examples that Paul provided, certain behaviors caused pain, death and destruction. Temptations are all around me. I must be aware of the temptations and be able to remove myself from its path. Even if I feel I am doing well in my walk, I must be aware of outside influences at all times. The world says to pursue success, happiness, wealth. I need to choose to pursue faithfulness.


They say history repeats itself. An often heard quote is “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”  I must remember the examples Paul has provided. The serve as a reminder that God will punish believers. He will punish those whose faith is not directed toward him. God did not want these people to sin but He allowed it so we may read, study and learn from these examples.  Like the early Christians that built altars as reminders, I need to put markers in my life that remind me of times that I was able to stand firm. They can serve as beacons to keep me on the right path.




Keep me from temptation. Keep me seeking your will and what is right in your eyes. Remind me of the behaviors that cause me to stray from your path so that I can stand firm at all times.