“My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power, so that your faith might not rest on human wisdom, but on God’s power.” v. 4-5


Paul recognizes that it is not by human power or wisdom that the gospel is spoken in a way that draws people near and brings them to faith. He knows this truth and boldly proclaims it to the Corinthian Church so they understand it is not in their power that people know Jesus but in the power of the Holy Spirit and God. Paul confidently knows it is ONLY through the power of the Holy Spirit and God that people may come to faith, not by his wisdom or persuasion.


In evangelizing and reaching out to people so that they know the gospel and may believe in Christ, it is SO EASY to get caught up in our own self-evaluation of spreading the good news. Often I find myself asking questions like did I say enough? Did I overstep? Or, I catch myself thinking I didn’t do a good enough job. I tell myself “they won’t know Jesus now because I could’ve done better”. Here’s the truth that overcomes those self-responsible lies: We. Are. Not. God.

We aren’t.

It is only through the Holy Spirit and God himself that can truly lead people to faith. We as a church are called to love, we aren’t called to save – that’s what Jesus did through the cross. So rest. Rest in knowing that we have no control over others faith. But we do have control in how we love them and invite them in and proclaim him boldly. So keep pressing in, keep inviting, keep loving for the sake of the gospel being shown through your actions but always humbly know it will never be in YOUR power to bring them to Jesus. He has all control and all authority. Thank God for that truth.


Father, thank you for this truth today. Thank you that we don’t have to rely on ourselves to bring people to know Christ but that you have all control and authority over your people. God, let that bring us rest and an easy heart today. There are no words, no wisdom, no art of persuasion that we can use to bring others to faith and that in itself is a gift. May we trust you completely in your plans and always remember how much you love us even in the hard seasons. May we go into today and everyday with eyes on you and hearts ready to love like you love. Thank you for your grace and mercy every day. Amen.