Scripture –

1 Corinthians 3:11 – For no one can lay a foundation other than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.


Paul is writing this to correct division in the church at Corinth about where they place their foundation.  Some believers were wanting to follow Paul while other believers were looking to Apollos.  Paul steps in to say the only place to ground the church is on the foundation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


This word Paul has for the Corinthian Church is a warning to be watched and heeded today.  Too many times there can be charismatic leaders who congregants end up following instead of Jesus.  It seems like the church is growing leap and bounds but what is the depth of one’s faith and where is everyone focused on Jesus or the pastor.  This can progress and can far off the rails till you have an organization  that is run by worldly standards rather than a shepherd taking care of the flock allowing theSpirit to feed from the Word.  Jesus is and can be the only foundation on which the church stands with nothing else added to or taken away.




Thank you for the truth in your word and your love grace and mercy in sending Jesus to save me when I place my faith in His name alone.  Let the Spirit guide me with wisdom and discernment to fear you and follow you faithfully to glorify you!