Scripture: “It is actually reported that there is sexual immorality among you and of a kind that is not tolerated even among pagans—for a man has his has his father’s wife.

And you are arrogant!”  1 Cor 5:1-2a

Observation:  Stiff rebuke.  And this is the local church, not referencing outside the church.  I wonder why they were arrogant…

Analysis: My personal mission statement can reveal a lot about my convictions.

What do I cherish?  What am I concerned about?  What hurt in my past do I want to minister to others about so that they can avoid what I went through?  What need in X’s life needs “fixing?”

Why are these questions pertinent to me?  I think they can reveal some personal importance over what the Bible says are important.  Stretching the point a tad, it can reveal idolatry.

Arrogance can be established through making excuses for bad conduct, bad fruit.  I forget that the “goal of my instruction” shouldn’t be good behavior or good morals but change in conduct (fruit) through Jesus Christ.

The difficulty I had here is not linking this chapter to the previous 4, especially chapter 3.  Thinking about it I started to fall into the trap of taking chapter 5 out of context from everything previously written.  It isn’t about this sexual situation (although it is) but applying “arrogance” to a variety of subjects.

What should I do, then?  I have religious “hobby horses” that I ride often, if not constantly.  I am riding one now…

I am reminded that: 1) Rome wasn’t built in a day…but that it was built; 2) there is a biblically mandated foundation to learn and apply before anything can (or should) be built upon it.

When I overlook the sin of others (like what Paul is referencing), perhaps I am arrogantly trying to overlook my own sin in the guise of “understanding and forgiveness” but without the light of acknowledging, confessing, asking for forgiveness, and repenting.  All of these I might want to require of others but I don’t require them of myself first.

If I don’t go through the confession/repentance sequence often (which I have many instances available every stinking day), why should I require it from others?  Answer: I shouldn’t… and I should.

If I am cultivating a “holier than thou” attitude, it is pure arrogance that I am exhibiting.  I forget that I am a sinner deserving nothing but the complete and full wrath of God.  I forget that I am a person saved from that wrath only by the Atoning work of the Son.

Perhaps there is this kind of immoral conduct within the local church.  It needs to be addressed.  It should not be addressed by me until I have MY attitude well under the lordship of Jesus.

Prayer:  Love tackling these Lord (not!).  So many things that need squaring off in my life.  Yet, as you open doors of information and/or prophetic discernment, I trust You will provide the Grace necessary to redemptivly handle any sort of situation—shucks, I want my life changed first, make my life a prayer to you…AMEN