This “knowledge” puffs up, but love builds up. If anyone imagines that he knows something, he does not yet know as he ought to know. But if anyone loves God, he is known by God 1 Corinthians 8:2-3


Food is something is simple and is consumable by all…Not every type of food was consumed back in the first century and it would cause some to stumble in their knowledge of Jesus. The urge here is to be wise and love and let that shape your actions for the building up of others.


What should knowledge do in us, through us, and for others? Knowledge is something when obtained by us makes us feel superior to others. We make statements like; “I know what I am talking about”, “Have you studied what I studied?” We feel better than others because of the knowledge that God has allowed us to obtain. What God is teaching me here is it is better to love than to know. People can know big words, a lot of history, and everything that the bibles says, but if we do not love it is pointless and meaningless. I need to hear this today. I focus so much on what I can tell people about the bible rather than living out what the bible tells me. Humility and sacrifice is the two words described in these two verses…When I think I know, I do not know. When I loved God I am known by God.

A couple things;

  1. It is better to love than to know. God doesn’t care how much I know as much as he cares that I love with the same love he gives me.
  2. Humble myself before the mighty God and trust in his love for myself today.
  3. Build people up today and don’t tear them down.
  4. People aren’t impressed with big words and knowledge but they are CHANGED by love



      Lord teach my heart today. Let these just not be words, let these be declarations over my life every day of the life you have given me. I love you Lord Jesus and I pray I walk in obedience today.