“I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God that you may know that you have eternal life.” (1 John 5:13)


John writes this for believers, not un-believers.  The implication is that believers can forget about the Gospel.  Imagine that…I don’t hear/read about that much except from Old Dead Guys…


Transparency: Most of John’s letters are difficult for me.  I don’t see the logic from point to point like I see in Paul’s letters.  Maybe it is because Paul is a religious lawyer by training and John wasn’t.

However, John’s letters are a part of the Holy Scriptures and are profitable for training in righteousness (among other things; see 2 Tim 3:16).  Therefore John’s letters, while difficult for me, are good to take time in and try to figure them out; to wrestle with them (like Peter says about Paul in 2 Pet 3:16; I also should take a look at Heb 5:11).

That being said, today 1 John 5 is confusing.  Maybe because I am looking for a “position, support, support, conclusion” type of format—and, if John is employing that format, it isn’t jumping out at me.  But the above scripture is.

John writes to Believers; not to Un-Believers.  1st part is said plainly, the 2nd part is inferred by sentence structure.  And the purpose of John’s writing is “that you may know that you have eternal life.”

The inference is that Believers can forget.  I can get all caught up with “things” that I forget to keep the Main Thing the Main Thing.  Note: I choose to define the Main Thing as the Gospel; eternal life is a by-product of the Gospel (an important and glorious by-product but a by-product nevertheless).

So there is the point that I read and gleaned for today: If John is writing so that Believers don’t forget, what am I doing in the same manner?  Am I stirring up the face in the mirror?  Am I not just taking an opportunity but MAKING an opportunity with those I fellowship with (especially in the Local Church) to remind each other about the Glorious and Majestic Gospel?

Here’s a thought: If I am not talking about the Gospel with the folks who should be the most receptive and eager to be reminded about the Gospel, do I really think I can talk about the Gospel with Un-Believers, folks who by nature don’t want to pay the price to find the Pearl?  Just thinking out loud…


Lord God, I can write a good game sometimes.  Help me to put into practice what I am writing and not be a blockhead distorting words.  Fill my eyes with You.  AMEN.