1 Thessalonians 3:8 For now we live, if you are standing fast in the Lord. 


As Paul describes to the church how he had longed to hear of their faith he explains that once he heard they were walking in the truth he could now “live”.



The “life” of an apostolic leader is not found in numbers. It’s not found in statistics and a map with “conquered” areas on it. Instead the heart of an apostolic leader is in the genuine faith and love of the believers and churches they have invested in. The mission isn’t to start more churches. It’s to start more healthy churches that will be effective in Kingdom expansion. Only when a leader finds that the church is “walking” in the faith, active participants in the kingdom movement, is he able to rest in knowing he didn’t waste his time. 

A few things:

-Throwing a bone to a handful of leaders isn’t apostolic. However, Following up, coaching, praying, sharing life and suffering with them is. 

-I want my heart to be for effectiveness not just saying “we did something”. I want my something to be kingdom successful. 

-I need to pray daily for Chris, Kevin, Paul, Ken, Blake, and every other planter I have invested in. I can’t afford to check the off the list because they launched. 


Father give me the true heart of an apostolic leader, not just the gifts and desire. I need you more than ever.