1 Tim. 1

3 I urged you … charge certain persons not to teach any different doctrine, 4 nor to devote themselves to myths and endless genealogies, which promote speculations rather than the stewardship from God that is by faith.

5 The aim of our charge is love that issues from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.


Paul is instructing Timothy not only to stay sound in his teaching, but to encourage others to stay sound, as well.
The unsound teaching will have the obvious effect of being wrong in doctrine, but it also has the not so obvious effect of being a huge distraction!
Using terms like “myths” and “endless” and “promoting speculation” sounds like Paul was predicting the internet!
There is no “stewardship of faith” when we involve ourselves with these things.


Paul gives us the solution to avoid this endless and fruitless distraction.
It is “our charge”.
I love this term. It’s a pursuit … an eager and dedicated pursuit.
There is no time for distractions!
We have been charged!
With what? … LOVE!
What could any of those other concerns have to do with love? Nothing!
This is how we can tell if we’re wandering down a distraction doctrine path:
Is it charged in love?
And, what’s more is, Paul helps us see what determines if love is the source of our action.
Are our actions issued from:
Pure heart?
Good conscience?
Sincere faith?

Am I acting from these three? Then I’m probably ok to take the next step of action.
Am I not acting from these three?
Then I’m probably wandering down a distracting path not sourced from love.


Thank you God again for your Word.
Help me remember and keep it.
Keep me from wandering down fruitless paths.
Show me who to love today.
In Jesus name,