Therefore, preparing your minds for action, and being sober-minded, set your hope fully on the grace that will be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ. 1 Peter 1:13


Peter here is writing to the believers spread out into Roman dominated cultures and areas. As he writes to them about the living hope they have in Christ that has been given and prepared and protected by God by his power and lead us to grace through faith in Jesus. As Peter has encouraged and lifted their hearts and spirits of the Hope of Jesus that has been planned for them he urges and exhorts them to holiness as Christ is Holy. The first verse in this section stop me in my tracks because I fail at this daily.


Preparation – Do I prepare my mind for action when it comes to the holiness of God and the holiness that he has called me to? I do not, is the answer I give that I wish was not my answer. Preparation is so important in my relationship with Jesus as I should be living in a way that is in pursuit to be like him and be sanctified in his truths of his Word. I see through out the scriptures that preparation in Gods word is so intricate to the battle we face in this world with our flesh and against the enemy. My preparation should lead me to a deeper desire to know God more through Christ and grow my love for my Savior.

Sober-Minded – The first thought is alcohol when we see sober. When I read this is don’t just think of alcohol but I think I the world that gets us drunk of the things it offers. It leads us and tempts us to engage and overindulge in the things of the world that has so buzzed of the things we have been given. We have success in work, we have toys and games, we have sports and events and much more that take us to a place of intoxication from the world. Man, if I could not be intoxicated by the world or anything in it my preparation for holiness would be set to be obedient to Jesus.

HOPE FULLY ON THE GRACE — Simply put, I must place my hope ONLY in the hope of Jesus and love and grace he offers me. Jesus is the answer to all of this sin I find my self in. Peter prepares us with the hope of Jesus only to instruct us to live as Christ and whatever it leads us to it WILL BE GAIN!


Father, forgiver me for my disobedience in preparation, soberness, and false hope I have given my heart to. Change every dark part of my heart and my life truly be a pursuit of YOU. Thank you for loving me Jesus and never giving up on me. Help me Lord by your spirit. Help me love you like you love me.