Even if I am unskilled in speaking, I am not so in knowledge; indeed, in every way we have made this plain to you in all things.”
??2 Corinthians? ?11:6? ?ESV??


Paul admits his speaking isn’t as strong as others. Yet he does have both the strength of knowing Christ personally as well as theological depth.


I sometimes idolize Paul. Much of my practical Christianity comes from his letters to the churches in the first century. I have studied the letters he penned under the inspiration of the Spirit, I have memorize parts of them, and I have preached them for 15+ years. Yet there is a story in scripture that has always made me think. Paul was preaching so long one night that a guy fell out of a window and died. Paul then lays hands on him and he comes back to life. What does that have to do with 2 Corinthians 11? Everything. It means that Paul was boring sometimes and he preached way too long other times. It means that Paul was learning and growing. He wasn’t a super Christian. He was a normal guy. Paul reveals in 2 Corinthians that he is aware that speaking isn’t his main contribution to the church. Now we know historically that Paul could handle himself from the front, but he recognizes that he is better reasoning with people through letters and one on one, than he is speaking in front of large crowds.

A few action steps…
1. Be aware of my strengths.
2. Be equally aware of my weaknesses.
3. Recognize it is ok to not be great at everything.

Father, Thank you for your love. Thank you that I don’t have to be an expert at everything. You have simply called me to do what I have been gifted to do through the power of your Spirit. Help me learn to be ok with doing my part and trusting others to do theirs.