2 Corinthians 2:7-8 – so you should rather turn to forgive and comfort him, or he may be overwhelmed by excessive sorrow.  So I beg you to reaffirm your love for him.


Paul is writing this letter to the Corinthian Church to issue guidance on how to the deal with sin within the church.  This is the focus on why he wrote this part of the letter before seeing the church in person.  Paul instructs the church to forgive and comfort a brother or sister that has sinned.  If we don’t forgive, the person could be overcome with sadness.  Lastly, Paul begs the church to love their brother.


This is the model for how Christians are supposed to respond to sin within our body.  Just think about how and what we have been forgiven of even though we are undeserving.  How many times did I have to hear the gospel yet God forgave me as I was still a sinner. Sin has serious consequences and we can’t just ignore it. We may not like what someone has done especially if it was against us, but as Jesus tells us at the conclusion of the Lord’s prayer we are to forgive others and we will be forgiven.  If we do not forgive others then the Father will not forgive us.  Only the love of Jesus can allow us to forgive and bring back the one lost sheep.                                                                             

Prayer –


Thank you for your love, grace and mercy for us.  Help me to be one who realizes the magnitude of forgiveness you have for me of a debt that I could never pay.  Let the love of Christ power me to forgive others as I have been forgiven.