Scripture: “As it is written…” (2 Cor 8:15a)

Observation:  Four words.  A lifetime of learning, discernment, and practice.  Four words that can make all the difference in how I live my life before God.

Analysis: As I was reading this chapter, I stopped short at these four words.

Oh, I read and reread the entire chapter…twice…just to see if I should write about anything else.  I couldn’t.  These four words captivated me…. again.

I remember reading about this practice.  A long time ago I read that if I wanted to be a effective disciple I couldn’t get much better than to practice “It is written…”

I think that it is more, much more, than just reciting verses.  I got into that folly of using “scripture bullets” and “bible bombs” before.  I find these “bullets and bombs” being used out of context a lot.  I recognize that because I did it too.  Most folks fall into the same hole.

“As it is written” is more than rattling off chapter and verse references; it is getting to a point where the Living Word is pulsating through the fiber of my being, filling up the empty spaces between my ears, it is the first thing I think about in the morning and the last thought before drifting off to sleep.

It is knowing the story behind the story.  It is beginning to see in some manner the full council of God.  The Gospel is like that: it is not one, two, or even twelve verses.  The Gospel is woven in some manner in and out through all the Bible; from Genesis through Revelation.

How does “As it is written” change the way I think, the way I talk, the way I do things?  By committing to pursue this phrase, it causes me to be more thoughtful about the Word of God and less dependent on my earthly thoughts and specifically opinions.

I have a lot of opinions, some I speak about, others I now must choke back (or minimally preface “this is my opinion, I am not certain that the Bible supports what I am about to say.”)  “As it is written” keeps me from spouting off at the mouth on stuff I really don’t know about.

As a believer, I stand on the shoulders of godly men that came before me.  I am convinced and sure that there is not an original thought concerning Christianity going through my gray matter that has not been encountered before.

Here is the example to follow: Jesus.  Jesus confronted everyone with “As it is written.”  Paul does it.  Peter does it.  John does it.

Prayer:  Lord God.  I have inflated thoughts.  Can’t help it I suppose, sin is part of the old man in me that I am battling.  I am determined to make Your Word flow through my veins like was said of John Bunyan (“Cut him and he will bleed bibline..”).  Please make it so in me.  AMEN