2 Peter 3:9
9 The Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance.


Peter is giving his final words to encourage them to remember. Remember what Jesus did, who God is, and what his desires are. Reminding of the evil at the doorway and the destruction that could come if not focused on Jesus. This verse 9 is such a beautiful truth of WHO GOD IS!!


We pray and expect things to happen immediately. As I prayed laying in bed last night and this morning I was expecting immediate change in that moment. No work and striving or pursuit and diligence from me just God answering my prayer. This verse for me this morning is beautiful in the manner that God is patient. God has made promises and has set forth truths in his Word and HE KEEPS HIS PROMISES. He is not slow or ignoring even when we claim them, he is patient. What Good news!!! God is patient and kind and he fulfills and keeps his promises. The desire of Gods heart is ALL would reach repentance. Man this is convicting. I spend so much time thinking this person needs to learn or that person needs this….God is in heaven wishing they would repent. He desires for all to know him. He hasn’t come back because of his patience and kindness. This should transform my love for people. I have to love people and share God’s love in words and actions with all. God wants them and I have to share it with them.

Action Steps:
-Take the truths of Gods word and preach them to myself until my heart rejoices in inexpressible joy and love for Christ my Lord.

-Commit to sharing The Gospel with 1 person a day.


Father forgive me for not trusting in you and hoping In you and trusting your timing. Forgive me Dad for not pursuing you Son in how you have called me to. Help me Spirit to walk in purity and righteousness with humility.