Psalm 56:8 – Your have kept count of my tossing; Put my tears in your bottle. Are they mot in your book?
David is in a place of threat. He is threatened by his enemies and he is scared. People are trying to kill him, torture him, and annoy him in every sense of the word. What he says in verse 8 really just helps me see God so clearly. 
My son has a monitor in his room and when we put him down we watch him. We ensure his safety, marvel at his cuteness, thank God as he sleeps, and even as he tosses and turns we wonder if he is ok. We watch and we do it out of love, wonder, awe, and also ensuring he is ok. We do go to sleep once bed time comes and he is unseen by us for a period of time. His tossing is unseen and not monitored or even recorded. Here is what is amazing about God, he never sleeps or slumbers. He counts my tossing and he knows and sees what distresses me. He sees what bothers me and he counts every time I toss and turn as I lay down to rest. When I cry for whatever reason, he catches my tears, and keep them. Here is what I hear from the Father this morning; I CARE…..I AM NEAR….I AM NOT ABSENT….I LOVE YOU!! So many times I feel like I’m not cared for by others and God says, I CARE FOR YOU…and I see you and I watch you and I am present. I catch your tears and count every time you are distressed, worried, stressed, scared, annoyed, and the list goes on. This is such a good Father and lover of my soul. He is a perfect Father and my action step today is to rest in the love and presence of the Father who sees and watches and IS NEAR!!
Forgive me for not resting in you. Help me me know you are near and you care. Let me rest and trust in who you are and the care and love you have for me. Thank you for being near and a God who loves and truly cares for me.