Proverbs 21:30 

There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan that can succeed against the Lord.


 There can be no wisdom without God. He is our creator and he makes everything possible. There is no wisdom, no understanding and no wise council that can stand up to Him or surpass Him.  Man against God is no match. Any attempt by man to outwit, out plan and/or outsmart God is doomed for failure.


The show Survivor has a motto of “outwit, outplay and outlast”. While that may be fine for a game show, it seems to be the way some people live their lives. It is crazy that we spend so much time trying to either fight our own battles or fight against God.  All of that effort is wasted.

So why do I always find myself thinking I can do it on my own? That my plan is better or my timing is better than God’s timing? It’s pride. I put myself before God. God does not need me to help him succeed. He allows me to be part of His process. They are His plans and His outcome so I should be seeking His guidance, His insight and follow Him down His path, not mine. I should not rely on my own wisdom, experience and knowledge but turn to God and ask him for guidance and wisdom. I should not rely on my understanding or the world’s understanding of issues. I need to lean on God and His understanding. I need to trust him and not rely on me. 


It’s humbling to realize that even with my sins and my pride you still want a relationship with me. Thank you for the hope that I have in Christ. Thank you for wanting a relationship with me.