So He saved them from the hand of the foe and redeemed them from the power of the enemy.  And the waters covered their adversaries-not one of them were left.  THEN they believed His words; they sang His praise.

But then they soon forgot His works…”  Ps 106:10-13a.


The Psalmist is recounting the works of the Lord.  He also is recounting His ways.  Works and Ways: could I write such an account for my life?  Could I compose such a succinct summary?  Could I remember of His doings and not forget?


The sin of Israel: They soon forgot!
Forgetting of the Works and Ways of the Lord God leads into so many expressions of evil.  It did for Israel anyway.  Probably works the same for me.  In fact I know it does.

Here is something I was wondering while reading the selections Psalm 104 through 106: Could I do as thorough a job as the Psalmist did?  Could I do half; maybe a quarter-shucks, could I be 1% as focused on the Works of our God as he was?

Candidly, I couldn’t.  Not in any kind of contemporary sense, anyway.

As a husband, I am only scratching the surface of recalling the deeds of God in my life-and then making sure that I keep them referenced often with my wife and the guy in the mirror.  Why the guy in the mirror?  Because I can fall into the trap of being able to teach but not learning the lessons myself.  Why my wife?  Because this is included in the job of the husband-to exalt the Lord God in every aspect of life concerning the family.

Here is a nifty observation: Do you realize that the injunction to declare the Gospel starts from the smallest to the largest venue?  When it is said “Preach the Gospel to ourselves” that is in a backhanded reminder that just like Israel we can quickly forget.  Then we preach the Gospel to an ever increasing circle of people: Friends—then Family—then Small Groups—-then Church—then finally, outside the Church.  Why is it this way?  So we can Practice!!  Want to get good at the Gospel?  Practice in the safety provided by God Himself so, just like the Disciples, we can be sent out effectively.  Anyway, I want to be part of that community that are People of the Book.  It is important because the Bible is the self-revelation of Jesus Himself.  All that He is the Bible reveals.

Back to the subject matter: One day I am going to try to write a Psalm-just to see if I can.


Father, help me not fall into the easy trap of forgetting You and Your works and Your ways.  Help me keep my mind firmly and steadfastly on You.  I want to pray without ceasing; to learn how to see and acknowledge Your Hand everywhere I see.  I want to hear Your Whisper through the breath of the leaves; as I close my eyes to sense Your presence.

Thank You for saving me from Your much deserved Wrath and providing Redemption through the Blood of Jesus, O God.  AMEN.