Psalm 107:33-34

He turns rivers into a desert,

springs of water into thirsty ground,

A fruitful land into a salty waste,

because of the evil of its inhabitants.


The Psalmist has for many verses has explained and made clear the sinfulness of people and the deliverance of God. He delivered them from their distress is a constant theme thus far and the steadfast love of God is clear and communicated. 


Where I have landed today is the capabilities, power, and the right of God. I think so many times we focus in on the beauty from ashes God that we love. The God that takes a mess and makes it/us into a beautiful creation. He is making all things new and all that is broken and jacked up will be restored. Listen, this is all true and hopeful and gives us clarity on the plan of God from an eternal perspective. But, we must not forget that he also takes rivers and turns them to deserts. He takes water and turns them to thirsty ground. He can and has and will take things that are full of life and because of their sin lead them to want and desperation. We assume when bad stuff happens or dry ground, salty and barren land of life comes it is not God but an attack of the enemy. Maybe I should inspect my life and see if sin is present and not be repented of. If so, this could be God being a good Father. What we have and have been given can be taken away in an instant because of the evil within us.   We must also remember that the rivers, oceans, fruitful land does not exist because of us or because we created it. It is a gift and it is not ours in the first place. We walk in the flesh we will gratify the desires of the flesh and reap death of which it produces. We walk in the Spirit then life and peace come and Jesus is known through our life and lives are changed for the Glory of God the Father. 


Father God may I know and see that you give and take. You created the ability to have much and also to have nothing. Jesus may I be satisfied in you and treasure you and know you more so that others can know you and walk with you.