Galatians 4:7
So you are no longer a slave, but a son, and if a son, then an heir through God.


My identity through Christ is one of sonship to God. I am no longer a slave. Though I serve, I am not merely a servant. I am a son.


Identity is so important. Whenever I walk into a room, if I am not careful, the room will shape me. If I walk into a room of people who expect me to lead, I lead. If I walk into a room of people who expect me to make them laugh, I tell jokes and try to be quick witted. If I walk into a room of people who expect em to give them energy, I bring the energy. If I walk into a room of people who expect me to listen, I listen. However, what I hear today is that I am already someone before I walk in the room. I can’t allow other’s expectation of me to shape me or my behavior. Instead, I should walk into a room knowing who I truly am. I am a child of God, made possible only through Christ. If I walk into the room knowing this, then I am not shaped by what others expect or how I do or don’t measure up to their expectations.

A few things:
-Apart from Christ, I would have a hopeless identity. Only because of Him am I a son. He made me something I was not before. I am indebted to Christ for my identity.

-A son is such an amazing role to play. A son means I have a Father. That I have been given a name because I have taken on His identity because of the adoption made possible through Christ.

-An heir. Wow. To get the chance to not only be a son, but that I get to be an heir to the Kingdom promises. The kingdom promises are mine. Not because I deserve it. Not because I earned it. But because I get to inherit that which is already my Father’s. May I rest in this, even when it seems that my present doesn’t align with the promises of the Kingdom.


Father, thank you for loving me enough to send Jesus. Thank you for adopting me. Thank you for calling me a child.