All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore


We go because Jesus has authority. Not us. 


For us, our church family, we hear about this verse often. Jesus tell us to go right before he goes. We need to go into the world & tell them about him and all that he is. But the fuel of our going is this:

Jesus is King of the universe. He has authority over everything.


Jesus is king over everything. He owns it all. He decides it all. He decrees it all. Nothing stands in his way. 

Therefore, go. 

We go with that fueling us, with that backing us, with that security deposit. We don’t have anything to fear because God is in charge. 

That doesn’t mean everything will be comfortable.
It doesn’t mean everything will be easy. It will probably be pretty hard. 

But Jesus is in charge. Jesus is king over the comfortable situations & the uncomfortable and costly. 


Lord give me the strength to see that you are King. That you are in charge even when things feel terrible and hard and out of control. You are king and you are good. Remind me that because you are King I should go & take risks for your kingdom because you are the King who has sent me. Fuel my going with that.