“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. He determines the number of the stars; He gives to all of them their names. Great is our Lord and abundant in power; His understanding is beyond measure.” (Ps 147:3-5)


Praise the Lord.  Sing to the Lord.  Praise Him some more—pretty standard stuff from the Psalms.  If I am not careful my eyes can glaze over and I will speed read right past some very interesting jewels and deposits of gold…I hate becoming jaded to the Scriptures, don’t you?

Application:    I am always trying to read the Reading Plan and writing a Journal post for myself.  Sometimes it is a struggle.

Above are three short verses in Psalm 147.  I almost missed them because my gaze just rapidly flew over the words.  But I saw something that struck me as a little out of place.

The three verses deal with reminding me He heals the broken hearted.  Then it reminds me He hangs the stars and gives them names.  Then it reminds me He is powerful and unlimited in understanding and wisdom. 

So God cares for me in the most tender and intimate of ways.

So God cares for the universe in the most precise and majestic of ways demonstrating His power.

God gives the smallest and careful touch to the most unimaginable exertion of power.  He can do both of these because of His might and understanding. 

I forget this too often.  I do not stir myself to think about Him like this.  Even as I am writing this I almost wrote: “I am not stirred…” like being stirred to worship God isn’t something I can control and/or influence.  Goodness: If I waited on some “external force” to get me revved up, I would probably never worship God.

Psalms gives me plenty of reasons and reminders of what I can worship God about.  I found three short sentences that carry some serious punch in meditation.

Finding jewels in the Scriptures is so cool.


Lord God.  Again and again You are astounding.  I read Your word and I find the most intricate statements to ponder upon; to engage my imagination and let it soar even reading the shortest of sentences.   It is the equivalent of reading Your whisper and how powerful is Your whisper!!  Keep me attentive—ears open, eyes seeing O God.  AMEN.