Psalm 97 v 1: The Lord reigns, let the earth rejoice; let the many coastlands be glad!


The Lord reigns and we are to rejoice. No matter what the circumstances surrounding us, we need to not only remember that he reigns but that we are to rejoice. No matter what we see, hear, experience, he reigns and we are called to rejoice. This Psalm is a great reminder that there will always be bad things happening around us, evil happening in this world but that we are to take joy in the fact that our God reigns.


No matter what is happening in the world, we should always rejoice in the fact that our Lord is King of kings and Lord of lord. He is constant. He is everlasting. He is set apart. He is ruler over all. Nothing can stop his reign. Nothing can change the fact the He was ruler, is now the ruler and will always be the ruler. He is not concerned with the things of this world. He controls everything. He controls time, he controls the keys to heaven and hell. He has defeated death and nothing on this earth will defeat him.

But do I act like He reigns? Sometimes I do. But sometimes I get too caught up in the world, too concerned with the now, forgetting the long term. I get too worried about the how and try to rely too much on worldly wisdom, forgetting to rely on Him and remembering that He is in control. I focus on today’s world and fail to focus on the world to come.

I am quick to ask him for help. Quick to ask him for guidance, for healing, for strength, wisdom, and anything else I might need. I need to remember to rejoice and be glad everyday that He is Lord and that He reigns.

He reigns while we are in the valleys of life and on the peaks. He reigns in good times and on bad. Regardless of our circumstances, He reigns and I should rejoice.


I just want to spend time right now rejoicing in the Lord. Thank you for who you are and the love you have for us. Help me to remember to just sit and enjoy the love that you have for us and the fact that you are all we need in this world.