Psalm 68:5 Father of the fatherless and protector of widows is God in his holy habitation.


This Psalm sing the praises of God based on God’s deliverance and triumphs over his enemies. The author of this psalm sings praises to God for the triumph over physical and spiritual suffering and pain. It is filled with examples of how God provides little things, like send rain, and provide more complex examples of his protection like parting the Red Sea.
This verse specifically mentions some of the weakest members of a community. Fatherless and widows. People with no one to look out for them other than themselves. A group of people that often rely on others for basic necessity. These people often get overlooked yet, He is the Father and Protector.


We just had Mother’s Day last week and at one point during the day my wife read a tribute to a young mother that we know who had lost her only child this past year. The baby was born but only lived 3 days. Last Sunday, all of her sisters were posting pictures on Facebook of activities they were doing with their kids. This young mother was not able to do that. She was obviously having a very rough day. There was really nothing we or her family could do for her to ease the pain she was feeling. But this verse reminds me that God is always there to provide the fatherly love that we need. He is Our Father and Protector. We can always turn to him for all of our needs.
No matter what situation I find myself in, I can always trust in God to be my father and my protector. Once we are a child of God, that relationship does not change. I will always be his child. He will always be my father. We can rest on that for a long time.
This verse demonstrates His compassion for me and for you. He loves us and He cares for us. God loves all of us. Everyone is important enough to love and to save. I need to look at others with the same perspective and not judge based on appearance, social status or situation.


My Father. Our Father. You are a great and powerful God. You provide me with simple things and great things. You love me, protect me and provide fatherly wisdom and guidance. Thank you for your compassion and mercy.

-Paul Palmer