Psalm 27:1 The Lord is my light and my salvation – whom shall I fear?


David confidence, trust and hope is in the Lord. It is not in man, men or himself.

David’s confidence is in the Lord not things.

David courage came from above. It came from God and not of this world.

David’s guidance came from God not from the world.


Too often I try to navigate my way through life on my own. In both difficult times and good times. This is a reminder that I must put my trust in God in all areas of my life. I must trust God as my first line of defense and not as my last resort or as a life line.

Too often I fail to seek his wisdom, guidance and direction in all things or in everyday things. I tend to rely on God for difficult decisions or during difficult times. I can handle all the other stuff, right? David reminds me that is not so.

David also reminds me that God’s light allows us to see a clear path. That the Lord is my light and nothing else can help me see His ways. He reminds me that the Lord is my salvation. Without God there is no hope. But with God there is nothing to fear because he has overcome all.


Father, too often I tend to rely on myself, my understanding and my knowledge. I fail to seek your guidance, comfort and wisdom in the little things and rely only for assistance with the big stuff. Help remind me that it is all up to you and your path guides me in all things. Thank you for your glory and for your salvation.