Psalm 78:17  Yet they sinned still more against him, rebelling against the Most High in the desert.


The purpose of this psalm is to recount God’s faithfulness throughout Israel’s history.  Israel’s forefathers were stubborn and rebellious and the psalmist was writing so the reader would not be like their forefathers. 

Psalm 79 discusses a plea for Go’s deliverance from a time that Israel had angered God. God had allowed the destruction of Israel and now, understanding and repenting, Israel was asking for God’s deliverance to serve as an occasion to show God’s mercy and grace for future generations to praise Him.


It is easy to praise God when things go well. It is easy to ask God for help when things are not going well. It is easy to play armchair quarterback and criticize other decisions or discuss details after the fact. I find it harder to realize how my decisions are affecting me while I am in that moment.  I want to learn from the past and not repeat other’s mistakes but I often repeat the same mistakes I want to avoid. 

I am grateful we have a God that forgives. I am grateful we have a God that is patient. I need to stay in the word, stay close to others that can hold me accountable and honestly examine my life. I must take care of my own hurdles, obstacles before helping other remove theirs. 


Thank you for who you are and what you did for me. Thank you for your faithfulness. For loving me even though I am not perfect.