Psalm 118:8. It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man.


The Psalmist explains that if we put trust in man we will be disappointed. No person or group of people or even government will be able to save us in the way we most need help.


This verse reminds me of the help the people need Houston. While they certainly need assistance as people are without homes, clothes, etc. the most important need they still have is being saved from sin. Only Jesus can save them. Only Jesus can provide the long term needs and comfort. As I watch the news of the flooding in Houston and Bradenton this week it reminded me of this fact. We are walking in a valley with others who have physical needs that are in visible for all to see. But we all have the same spiritual need that only Jesus can fill.


Help me to remember all the spiritual needs of the people I meet. Help me rely on you and you alone in my time of need.