V10-11 And he carried me away in the Spirit to a great, high mountain, and showed me the holy city Jerusalem coming down out of heaven from God,11 having the glory of God, its radiance like a most rare jewel, like a jasper, clear as crystal.


John is describing Heaven. He was given a glimpse and detailed some of the size, materials and layout. What is clear in this chapter is that Heaven is an actual place with walls, gates, roads, etc. It is a location. A destination that is set apart. Heaven is a prepared place. Jesus, on multiple occasions, said he was going to prepare a place for us. Heaven is made of things we consider valuable. However, what we value today is not what we will value in Heaven. Heaven is made with some of the most valuable items we have on Earth but what we value on Earth today will simply be construction material in Heaven.


This story reminds me of the Washington Monument. The top of the Washington monument is made of aluminum. Why? When it was built aluminum was one of the most expensive metals around. Now it is something we use and throw away. Today, we value gemstones, gold, and other material things. Similarly, these things are going to be general building material in Heaven. What I need to value is my time, attitude, relationships and my focus.

Our actions are indicators of what we value. Where we spend our time and resources speak to what we value in our life. I watch sports. Not as much as I use to but I still watch a fair amount of sports. Watching sports provides another glimpse into what the world values. Success, Power, Fame. Cities spend billions of dollars to build huge stadiums so we can watch athletes compete. The world pauses every four years to watch either the summer or winter Olympics or the World Cup. The world throws money and fame at people for no other reason than their athletic ability. The world marvels at physical things when the focus should be on spiritual things. Next to God’s glory what we value in this world is relatively meaningless.

Heaven is an exclusive place. Not everyone will get in. I don’t need a ticket but I do need to accept Christ as my Savior and live my life accordingly. I do have to value spiritual things and not worldly things. My time and resources need the proper perspective. What I value now needs to be consistent to what I will value in Heaven.


It is sometimes hard for me to separate myself from the world. Let me use this chapter as a reminder that you are preparing Heaven for me now. You already know what it will look like and how magnificent it is. Let me remember that what is valuable to the world now is not what God values. Help me to live my life and spend my time accordingly.