Acts 25:19
Rather they had certain points of dispute with him about their own religion and about a certain Jesus, who was dead, but whom Paul asserted to be alive.


As Festus talks with Agrippa about Paul’s situation he shares how he doesn’t understand what the big deal is. To him, the dispute between Paul and the Jews about the resurrection of Jesus wasn’t significant enough to charge Paul with anything. The only reason Paul is moving up to see Caesar is because Paul appealed to him.


This verse is so helpful. It gives insight into the life of an unbeliever. To Felix, Jesus being alive or dead wasn’t important. It didn’t seem to impact life that much. However between those who knew the power of the resurrection and those who knew the implications of the resurrection, it was a debate of vital significance.

A few things…

If Jesus is dead, He wasn’t who He said He was and therefore has no authority anymore.

If Jesus is dead, his teachings, though helpful, lack the staying power to build life upon.

If Jesus is dead, sins are not forgiven and eternal life is not available.

However, if Jesus is alive. If He did come alive again: All authority belongs to Him, His teachings are the foundation of our lives, our sins are forgiven and we have eternal life!

I must not overlook the fact that many who are lost simply don’t understand the significance of the cross and resurrection. To them, it’s just a debate between different religions.


The resurrection is everything. I read, Journal and pray today because you are Alive!