Acts 27:10-11 “Men, I can see that our voyage is going to be disastrous and bring great loss to ship and cargo, and to our own lives also.” But the centurion, instead of listening to what Paul said, followed the advice of the pilot and of the owner of the ship.


Paul, though not an expert in sailing or in weather, has been given insight by God as to the coming danger of sailing in the storm. Even though he was least qualified to speak on the matter he was the one with the right prediction. The Holy Spirit trumped experience and expertise.


Education, experience, expertise are great tools for gaining wisdom. However, walking in step with the Spirit and listening to His direction is more valuable than the other three combined. Where education, experience and expertise run out, the Spirit continues on. The Spirit of God is the source of wisdom and is aware of every detail of life, including the future. As Paul learned to listen and obey the voice of the Spirit, so must I. The other pursuits are important but I must not pursue them in the absence of learning to grow in listening, hearing and obeying the Spirits promptings.

A few things…
-Don’t disqualify myself, simply because I might not be the expert in the room.
-If the Spirit gives me insight, be bold to speak up, even if I am the only one with a certain point of view. Trust in the omnipotence and omniscience of the Spirit.
-When I am proven right, don’t boast, but rather redirect the enlightenment and credibility back to God.


Father, thank you for this reminder. For many years I was usually the least educated and experienced. However your Spirit has always lead me well. May I continue trusting in your voice, even as my experience, education, and expertise give me more and more credibility among my peers. May I always seek you first and have the faith to obey, even when the experts say otherwise.