“…to declare the mystery of Christ…” Col 4:3b.


This is an interesting phrase that Paul turns: The “mystery” of Christ. Why does he refer to a mystery? Probably it is in parallel with “seeing through a glass darkly…” It is just not completely clear…


It is without doubt that I am more conversant with the “Facts” of Christ than the Mystery. Most Christians are. We are taught “facts”: Scripture references, word definitions, doctrines, etc. There is History, “how to” books, conferences, teachings and preachings—all of it data; information to store up in our heart and that with an objective—“that I may not sin against You.” But it is rare when we are taught to “wonder” over or instead of doing “facts in action.” I am stopping more often now to “revel at the wonder of Christ”, to contemplate the mystery of Christ, the mystery and Wonder of the Cross. As I grow older in my faith I am more often thinking about: “I get that You loved the World so much that You gave Your Son…” What I don’t get at times is “why did You give Your Son for me?””
The Cross: It is truly a mystery of infinite proportions—one that we will never get in its entirety—but something that we are privileged to chase after day by day…until That Day when we see Him face to face, eh?


Dear Lord God: At the End of my days, when I see You face to face, however meager my crown, my achievements, my anythings that I have attained—I will, I must throw them down at Your feet because You have done what I could NEVER do—paid for my sin, to be the ransom to deliver me from Your justifiable Wrath. What Wonder!! What incomprehensible Mystery!! What Glory!! All of creation was bound by sin but You have released the bonds, the chains and made me a new man in Christ. I don’t get it—and I never fully will. But there You are—You have done it. Glory to Your Holy Name.