Ephesians 3:1 For this reason I, Paul, a prisoner for Christ Jesus on behalf of you gentiles


Paul has gone from spiritual blessings from heaven to thankfulness and salvation by grace through faith on to the unity one has in Christ. In the first two chapter of this letter the church of Ephesus have enough words to last a lifetime as it is rich in the spirit and glory of Jesus. He then makes a comment in verse 1 in chapter 3 that seems so ironic. He is a prisoner FOR Christ Jesus, but on behalf of the gentiles. Now knowing that Paul is not a stranger to being put in prison and his experiences in prison I find it interested he calls himself a prisoner for Christ Jesus and behalf of others.


When I think of prison or being a prisoner the natural thought of my mind is not positive or not even in any way twisted a positive thought. Yet Paul uses prisoner in such a quaint comment. What could this mean for not only Paul but for my knowledge of the Father through Christ and even more than that, how can this be translated to action steps? When in prison you belong to the state, the government, the system that has not only taken custody of you based on their rights to do so. Now their taking custody of you was based on your actions, yet it has landed you in a place that you don’t really want to be, especially in modern prisons. When I think of being a prisoner in our context it is not pleasant but in the thought stream of prison and how you get there, for me this exalts the Father through Christ in amazing ways. Through my actions, the enforcer has seen a problem, many actions that are demanding of charges and ultimately a long time in prison. I usually don’t like to think of God as an enforcer, yet if I don’t remember he is the judge and the enforcer my fear of him lacks, and wisdom is non-existent and my faith won’t grow. Knowing that my ability to be a prisoner of Jesus is only if he takes me into custody (SALVATION) I am thankful to be a prisoner. Not many times in life do you hear people say that want to be a prisoner, this is a time. last thought, is that his being a prisoner for Christ is on behalf of others. His faith in Christ though is so important for him, it reaches others and is for others to see Jesus. My faith in Christ is not only for me to be more and more in love with God my Father, but it is to show the world the Love of God through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.


You are a good good Father and my life is and has changed forever because of you. Thank you Jesus for giving me life because of your death. May I realize whom I belong to and she it with others. Thank you Jesus and I pray I please you.