Hebrews 2:1 Therefore we must pay much closer attention to what we have heard, lest we drift away from it.


This verse suggests that we must pay attention. It is not about rejecting Jesus and His word but neglecting it. Drifting is going with the current, not against it. It is easier to go with the current than against it. Going with the world is with the current. Going with God is against it. Drifting doesn’t mean a 180 of 90 degree turn but a gradual slipping away. Drifting is dangerous because it is slow, unnoticeable.


Going against the current is harder than drifting with it. Sometimes, when you drift you don’t’ even notice you are drifting and by not paying attention you can find yourself very far away from your starting point. Drifting from the word means I am not paying attention to God’s word and I am letting the world carry me, or drifting with the world, not the word.

I must pay attention to what caused me to drift. It can be things like peer pressure, lack of focus on His word, self-absorption, thinking I have plenty of time, etc. I must have an awareness of where I am and what I am doing. I must put guardrails in place that help keep me on track and in the correct position. These guardrails can be as simple as asking myself “what am I doing? Is this helping to further God’s kingdom?”

Gradual change is harder to detect so I must be diligent to the subtle influences that can cause gradual changes in my life.


It is easy to get off course. It is easier to get back on track immediately rather than continue to go down a bad path. Provide the guidance and wisdom to know your voice, hear your voice and to allow you to lead me in all I do. Surround me with guardrails: people, places, wisdom.