Scripture –

James 2:8– If you really fulfill the royal law according to the Scripture, “you shall love your neighbor as yourself,” you are doing well.

Observation –

James is cautioning the Jewish Christians in Jerusalem not to show partiality towards people of wealth versus those that are poor.   In verse 8, James tells the believers to follow the second part of the great commandment and love your neighbors as yourself.  If you love others unconditionally and sacrificially you are doing well!  If we are loving others well we probably won’t get down to verse 11 where James warns against adultery and murder.


If I am loving my neighbors as myself then I am following Jesus.  Within that, I don’t have the option to pick and choose which neighbor to love on and those to exclude based on whatever criteria I may wrongly apply.  Love God, love others.  This is what Jesus did and modeled as a servant leader for us.  Loving others is the translation of our faith in action as James discusses in the second part of chapter 2.

Prayer –


Thank you for the convicting truth in your word and for you loving us so much you sent Jesus for our salvation.  Let the Spirit lead me to love you and all my neighbors to bring honor to you.