[11] For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.”




Jesus humbly came to eat at the wedding feast.

The people at the banquet would be watching – He is representing God.


Jesus noticed how the people at the banquet positioned themselves around the feast.   Many pridefully feeling like they deserved to sit at a place of honor.

Jesus says to show humility and honor will be given in due time and in fact, present oneself pridefully and you will be brought low in time as well.




Simple. Pride gets a person into trouble. Pride tells the Lord that you did it without Him. That you made yourself an expert, that you can perform some task better than someone else, that you are smarter than someone else, whatever it is.. all because of what you did and who you are, without giving all the credit to Jesus.  Or maybe it’s that the we feel the Lord blessed us with a talent and we took it to the next level without Him. We should all take a pride check. There is really no question that we owe it all to Him.


The people around us are watching us as Christians, observing how we handle ourselves in different situations. It is obvious when we carry ourselves with the humility of Christ or when we exhibit the sin of pride.


When you think about the fact that we represent Christ wherever we go, and the results of our actions where humility vs. pride is concerned, the decision is easy. Jesus is explicit. Stay humble and you will be exalted. Pridefully exalt yourself and you will be humbled. It is your choice.





Lord keep me humble in all situations. Help me control my pride. Remind me that I represent You at all times. I especially need that reminder in this secular world around unbelievers, when my patience is tried or my humility is tested. In Jesus name I pray this. Amen.