Luke 17


[22] And he said to the disciples, “The days are coming when you will desire to see one of the days of the Son of Man, and you will not see it.

[37] And they said to him, “Where, Lord?” He said to them, “Where the corpse is, there the vultures will gather.”


Jesus tells the disciples that they will soon desire to see Him come back for judgement day and to call believers to His side.

He goes on to give examples of always being ready, not looking back and worldly things, and preparing for eternity in heaven,

As the disciples ask, “Where, Lord?” To me, this is really a When question. Jesus tells them that the “where” will be where the world is prepared for the judgement.
Similar to corpses being ready for vultures to consume, earth will be at a state where Jesus will return to judge.


Given the state of this world and our country, I would say we are already similar to the corpse.

This country is divided worse than we’ve ever seen in our lives and on a trajectory to be worse than any division  in history. The Church is being infiltrated with social justice ideals and thinking that Jesus and the God breathed Word of the bible is not enough, but rather that we need to have sociologists tell us how to treat our fellow man. Some churches are modifying their teaching to include LCBTQ+ ideals that are totally against any biblical teaching, and especially fly in the face of God creating us in his own image, individually in the form of a man and a woman.

This is all happening at an alarming rate. So, yeah, I’d say we are a corpse totally ready for judgement. All the more reason to be ready when Jesus returns.


Lord I love you. Give me strength to standup against unbiblical teaching. You and your Word are sufficient. I pray I glorify you in standing against teaching that goes against that. Lord I pray I keep my focus on you and stay ready for your return or for you calling me home. In Jesus Christ’s holy name I pray, amen.