Mark 10:13 – And they were bringing children to him that he might touch them, and the disciples rebuked them.


Jesus was teaching and was someone desired. People knew who Jesus was and wanted a simple touch from him. They know he could heal and knew he had favor. These people wanted their children to be blessed as well as probably other things. There is no telling why some of these people where bringing the children to him. Adults gain respect based on age. Age signifies seniority, wisdom, and power. Jesus does not see how we see.


The disciples so these children coming to Jesus as a nuisance to him and something that was bothering him. Jesus rebukes his disciples telling them to let the children come. Here is what the Lord is teaching me, WHO AM I TO REJECT or ALLOW access to God? My access to the Father was only by Jesus through the spirit. Not a person allowed me in. Who am I to say this person or that person should get to go to Jesus. So many times I look at people and think they deserve Gods wrath rather than his love and grace. In those moments I am the disciple putting my hand in front of them saying you can’t go to him. I should be the people in the story bringing the children. These people knew these children needed JESUS. They brought them, yet the disciples were with him trying to stop it. This is in my face this morning.
I must take heart that my receiving of people should model how JESUS did. It is all about the Gospel of Jesus and people need to be saved. I have to bring them to him.


God I pray that you lead me to be a disciple that bring kids and adults to you rather than put my hand out to hinder them from coming to you. Forgive me Father for desiring judgement and a lesson learned rather than grace and love. Help me remember what brought me to the table.

Rich- I soooo try to seek my position with Jesus. I am your beloved. I am this I am that. Invest in others and serve their needs. Be aware of people’s needs.

James- divorce.
Our actions have consequences. What God joins together let no man tear apart. God sees things that we do and can turn to Good. He is so good