And he left there and went to the region of Judea and beyond the Jordan and crowds gathered to Him again. And again, as was his custom, he taught them. Mark 10:1


Our Lord had a custom? There was something He did regularly and on purpose?



Rhetorical questions are funny. Of course Jesus did things on purpose. But the question I have to think of is: “Do I?”

 There is a lot of other stuff in Mark 10 to talk about. Jesus was approached with:

 –Marriage and its legal relationships

–How to think about children

–Requirements for eternal life

–Wealth, upsides and downsides

–Dealing with ambition

 And of course healing some folks and explaining (again) He has to die to save the world.

All of this stuff has to make me think it cascades from an attitude of “customary conduct”, which kind of leads into “personal preparation.”

 What do I customarily do? If I am brutally frank with myself I don’t do things as I probably ought concerning living according to the Gospel. But, this statement isn’t enough, doesn’t go as far as it should. Of course I don’t live enough concerning the Gospel, but what do I live enough for? If I had to measure the percentage of my life would it be 10% for the Gospel-or less? I would have to laugh at myself if I thought more….

 I wonder if I live a double life: Christian for a little while and Worldly for much of it? I have had the sensation of “switching into “Holy” gear” when in the appropriate circumstance but living otherwise when not. Note: this is what personal journaling is about-recognizing issues and asking yourself questions.

 Anyway: How should I establish my own “customs?” Asking godly people around me (even those I only see from a distance and maybe don’t know) what they do is a good start…


Father: Pursuing You is life long-it is a journey walked purposefully and not haphazardly. How many times have I written this to myself? Certainly not enough and it will never be enough until That Day. Help me, through Your Spirit to place my nose on the grindstone again and get after You. AMEN.