Mark 15:11
But the chief priests stirred up the crowd to have him release for them Barabbas instead.


The religious leadership of the first century used their influence to stir up the crowd into making a decision they wouldn’t have made without their leadership.


Leadership and influence can’t be overstated. People in positions of leadership have the ability to influence a crowd. We see this in politics, in business, in sports and in religion. Sometimes the influence is used for good and sometimes for bad. In this instance the “bad” ended up leading to the greatest “good” of all time. The misguided leadership led the people to cry out for the release of a criminal instead of an innocent man. However God, who can overturn any leadership decision of man, had a bigger plan.

A few things…

-Who am I following? Where do they get their direction from?

-As a leader, do I realize the importance of using my voice for good?

-God still has a bigger plan. When I make a misstep as a leader, God is still in control. I must not allow poor decisions of the past to hinder my ability to lead lead in the future.


As a leader I am sure I have led people the wrong way before. I have taken missteps in leadership. God thank you for your grace. May I seek to influence and lead people towards wise and spirit led decisions. Thank you for even using poor decisions to lead to a greater good.