No one had the strength to subdue him. V4

This entire passage is about this reality. We see people who are overwhelmed and imprisoned by things that are too strong for them. Things that the tried to fight but couldn’t overcome.
The man could not be subdued. The demon was too strong.
Jairus’ daughter was basically dead. There was nothing that could be done. They had tried everything. Death was too strong. They couldn’t subdue it.
The woman with the blood. She had tried everything. There was no change. She only got worse. This sickness could not be subdued.
Look to Jesus the one who subdues all those things that have subdued you.
The strongest things, demons & death itself, cannot even stand to fight with him. Immediately they are subdued by Jesus. The very thing that couldn’t be subdued Jesus overcomes with just a word.
This is the Jesus we follow and look to. We cannot fear. There is nothing that can subdue us for long because the one who created all things with a word can save us with a word.
Thank you. Give me the grace and power to remember that when I am overwhelmed by the sin and death that pursued me that you cannot fail. You will not be beat.