Mark 5:34 And he said to her, “Daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace, your suffering is over.”


The woman had been suffering for years, seen many doctors and exhausted her resources to be cured. The woman heard about Jesus’ healing power. Jesus, who knows everything, was aware that he had healed the person who touched Him. The woman’s response was to fall to the feet of Jesus in positive fear that brought Jesus glory. Her faith in Jesus is what cured her.


In our society today, how many times do we see people presenting to doctors year after year. We will try diet, exercise, self-medicate, try one medicine than another, tests procedures and still no definitive diagnosis or change to our condition. We can be great at addressing our physical health while neglecting our spiritual health. Often times, our health issues can be linked to our own lifestyle. While this was not the case with the woman, She knew Jesus and had faith when she touched him she would be healed. Faith in Jesus and not to be afraid of our situation is what I need to be remember. Faith should be at the beginning of our treatment algorithm. Fear should be out of respect God and our response should be on bended knee to praise Him. No matter what we may suffer now, we know through his grace our greatest need was met on the cross.


Please let me have childlike faith in you and not be afraid. May I be assured you grace for today is all I really need.