Mark 6: 37 But he answered them, “You give them something to eat.” And they said to him, “Shall we go and buy two hundred denarii worth of bread and give it to them to eat?”


Jesus was tired and probably hungry. Yet he had compassion for the many people that wanted to hear him preach and teach. He didn’t have to preach but he did. They were lost. But, when it got late, the disciples did what most of us would have done. “Hey, its late. Tell them it’s time to go home or go into town to get something to eat.” Jesus wasn’t buying it. He said “No, you feed them.”Jesus wants me to take action.

  1. Jesus is compassionate and thinks of others first.
  2. The disciples were concerned for themselves. Jesus wanted them to feed the people. Physically and spiritually.
  3. Some miracles are because of someone’s faith while other miracles are in order to cause people to have faith.


I am not to wait around for others to help. I am expected to jump in and take action to try to help solve issues and care for others. Just like the disciples, my mind is narrow and I often don’t see a way to resolve issues. The disciples did not see a way to feed the crowd. I often leave God out of my resolution path and not trusting that He knows a way that is so superior to my wat.    

This example of feeding the 5000 demonstrates that even a little compassion can be multiplied. Not everyone knew it was a miracle. But the disciples knew. It was the disciples that Jesus wanted to feed the people: spiritually and physically. In this case it was a physical need. Jesus did this to show the disciples who He was and to demonstrate compassion for the people. Imagine how much more the disciples knew who Jesus was and what He is capable of doing! Jesus wants me to have compassion for others. Often, I am too comfortable and not worried about other’s needs. Or, I am worried but too comfortable to do anything about it. Miracles don’t need to occur for me to show and demonstrate compassion for others but it does take action.    


Keep me focused on your word and give me the wisdom to know the truth and use the truth at all times to help guide me. Compassion does not always come easy in this jaded world. Help to shed the doubt, the misgiving and distrust that stop me from being as compassionate as I should be. Help me to be a reflection of your light.