Matthew 10:16 – “Behold I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.”


Jesus is speaking to the apostles as he is preparing to send themout to face persecution as they proclaim the Kingdom of God.  The apostles are Jesus’ sheep who follow him.  The non-believing world of both Jews and Gentiles are wolves who don’t want to hear the gospel message and want to destroy the carriers of the Word.  Jesus tells the apostles to be wise as they will face danger and remain pure in heart.

Application –

The warning that Jesus gives to the apostles as he sends them out into the world remains unchanged and is therefore applicable to disciples today.  As a follower of Jesus who is the Good Shephard, I must listen to His voice and follow Him.  My wisdom comes from being in the word and having good counsel from Christian brothers and sisters surrounding me.  I must be aware that the enemy always seeks to stop the spread of the gospel and I must be wise how I share particularly in certain settings.  The world and its leaders are going to try and do everything to discredit the gospel and ministers.  Therefore we must walk in the light and be innocent so as not to give them reason to not believe.






Thank you for your love and grace you have for me and sending Jesus so I can know you and make you known here and amongst the nations.  Let the power of the Holy Spirit give me wisdom as I go out to proclaim your gospel in a hostile world.  Guide my path to follow you in innocence so no one will have reason to discredit the gospel message.