Matthew 13:9 – “He who has ears, let him hear.”


Jesus is teaching a teaching that is not simple yet pretty complex at first listen. Yet as he will explain becomes clear. But what Jesus says in this complex parable he gives clear direction that is honestly really clear and expectant. If you have ears, let him hear. This for me gives me no excuse not to hear what he has said.


So many times I hear something but I really don’t hear it. When it comes to Jesus, this can’t be the case. I think about being infront of Jesus in the flesh, I feel like he wouldn’t have to say that to me. But the truth is, he is saying this to me today. I feel like he is saying, hey you, so you have ears?!? To my response is, well yes Jesus. He the. Responds, then HEAR this…..don’t let this go in one ear and out the other. I am so guilty of letting the words of Jesus just be good advice, (in one ear and out the other) rather than the Word of God and the living water of my life…..HEY YOU….HEAR THIS is what I’m hearing today!!!


Thankful for these stern words God. Thank you for never leaving me and always being honest and upfront with me when I am honestly the opposite with you. Forgive me