Matthew 14:14
14 When he went ashore he saw a great crowd, and he had compassion on them and healed their sick.


After hearing his good friend and relative has been killed, Jesus withdraws to a lonely place to be with the Father. However, people remain close by Him because they have needs. Jesus see them, has compassion on them and heals them.


Wow. In a painful moment that justified selfishness and isolation, Jesus instead rejoined the crowds and continued working. Afterward he miraculously fed 5000.

4 things…

-Life is hard and there are times when we have to get alone and be with the Father. However, we can’t stay isolated. The life of a believer is not staying isolated, but being with the Father and then having that intimacy impact others. (Is my intimacy with the Father impacting others?)

-Jesus sees the people. He didn’t overlook people. He didn’t get too busy for people. He didn’t get too preoccupied to notice people. (Am I seeing people today?)

-Jesus has compassion on them. When Jesus looked at people, he didn’t respond in frustration or anger or disappointment. He instead was moved to compassion because they needed help. Jesus saw and had compassion. (Does my awareness lead to compassion?)

-Jesus healed them and met their needs. Again, Jesus was justified in dismissing everyone and spending a season of mourning over his lost friend. However, a night of prayer was enough. He then got back to work. The intimacy with the Father led to impact in the lives of others. (Does my compassion lead to caring for people?)


Father I want to be like Jesus. I want to run to you in my times of pain and sorrow. I want to experience your power and comfort. But I also want to see what I receive in intimacy impact the lives of other people. I want to see people be moved with compassion and care for their needs. Forgive me for enjoying isolation a little too much. May I know that the rest and comfort I find in isolation with you has a purpose… impacting others. Let me see and help others today. May my intimacy this morning impact others!