“Now while the Pharisees were gathered together, Jesus asked them a question, saying, “What do you think about the Christ? Whose son is he?” They said to him…”(Matthew 22:41-42 ESV)


In Matt 22 I see three separate instances where the Pharisees and Sadducees conspired together to ask Jesus questions trying to trap him into saying something so controversial that Jesus would be caught and entangled and He could be repudiated before the public. What is recorded, however, are the teachings of Jesus that were called “astonishing” (Matt 22:33b) and “marvelous” (Matt 22:22a). With that reaction of the Pharisees and Sadducees in hand, Jesus asks them to commit: “What do you think about the Christ?”


I have found something like this before in other parts of the Bible. Sometimes there is a little phrase or statement that I regularly overlook and gloss over that, if I stop and really pay attention, is like finding a diamond in the sands at the beach. This is one that grabbed me by the scruff of my neck today: “What do (I) think about the Christ?” This is interesting to consider. This has to be presented to the man in the mirror: What do you think about Jesus? I mean—really think? Do I think at all about Jesus? Do I meditate, contemplate, and “wonder” about Jesus? When I read the Scriptures do I see the Words that I read as “astonishing” and do I “marvel” at them? Do I read the Word with the attitude of finding the “do’s and don’ts”—to find the action words (verbs)—to get so pragmatic about how to so implement the Christian walk or think about the benefits to me that I forget that these Words are at their core “living and active”, “sweeter than honey”, and the Voice that spoke the cosmos into being are behind these Words. Perhaps I should be in Awe—really in Awe—when I read? You think this is something that should be cultivated as an objective in my discipleship plan?


Father, I wonder if this attitude of mine is describing being “dull of hearing?” I have previously thought that maybe that dull of hearing thing was for someone else; for the guy who isn’t paying attention to Your Word? Because of what I wrote above, maybe I have to start thinking that perhaps it is describing the man who isn’t moved by Your Word; that if I am not being moved to astonishment and marvel (at least sometimes) maybe I need to pray for that? In my flesh I will never be moved because I am so selfish. I need you to take me to Astonishment and Marvel; to be in Awe of You; to drive my soul and my mouth to declare You are the Christ of God! You, O Lord, have Atoned for the World and risen from the dead. Please make Your Word pop in my heart, create Wonder where none previously existed, make my eyes gleam with the Vision of Your presence in every part of what I see. Amen.