Journal Matt 6 (all references are from the ESV; changes in punctuation are mine)

Scripture: “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matt 6:21


Observation: Reading this chapter, I wonder if this statement should have been a “stand alone” verse.


Analysis: I think I see a pattern from the beginning of this chapter:

  • Matt 6:1-7 Not what is being done, but the motivation behind it.  “I want to be noticed, seen, and admired.”
  • V 14: “I want the liberty to hold my decision until I think that enough penance has passed— “I don’t think (he) is really sorry; I am not satisfied.””
  • V 16-18: Again “look how spiritual I am; Look upon me and be filled with wonder!”  Ok, over the top, but we can imagine the picture…
  • V 19-20: Money and possessions.  Ok, that one is easy.
  • V 25-31: Anxiousness—this one is not having faith in God; thinking that wringing my hands isn’t a sign of unbelief— “Of course, God knows I am weak…” is not an excuse for anxiousness, it should be a signal of indwelling sin that needs to be rooted out.


I think that all five of these can (and does) represent my treasure.  Treasure isn’t what is in a bank account, property, bitcoin, cars, stuff, and even family in general.  Treasure is just that: what do I hold dear?  Or “what do I hold in my thoughts, mind, and heart before God?”  These are the idols of my heart…


Isn’t it true that I don’t see into myself as clearly as I see into others?  I find that true on a regular basis.  It is always easier to see into others.  And yet, those aren’t the eyes that the Holy Spirit wants to open: “Examine yourself…” writes Paul to the Church at Corinth.


Where is my heart?  Candidly, I wrestle with this stuff every day, even to the smallest detail.  Even as I make the “good confession”, it is not far underneath that sin wars with my soul—as it does with everyone.


How to do battle, then?  One way is to be transparent, not only with ourselves but with clear confession to and with others.  Find a friend (a godly one, mind you) that you can bear your soul with.


Prayer:  Lord God, thank you that I can talk with my wife about these things, expound upon You and your Character and Attributes, to crank up the implications of your Word—not just memorize scripture, but to peel it down and see what You mean with other parts of Your Word.


Knowing You is the Treasure to be sought all my days.

AMEN Rick Sutton